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Motorcycle Audio
Upgrade your ride with our radio kits, harnesses, antennas, micro-amps and aftermarket accessories designed for motorcycles.
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Better visibility means a safer ride! Upgrade to brighter headlights with our wide selection of replacement LED headlights, headlight kits and auxiliary lights.
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Upgrade or add an audio system with our micro-amplifiers, can speakers and easy to install consoles for radios and speakers.
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Light it up with everything from LED light bars, cube and strip lights to accent pods, whip light antennas, controllers and lighting installation accessories.
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Cables, wires and audio installation accessories designed with the installer in mind.
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Get the power you need! Choose from our AGM or lithium batteries, designed for marine and powersports applications. A wide range of charging solutions are also available!
Installation Accessories
Everything essential for 12 volt installations. From fuse blocks and connectors to USB chargers, heat shrink kits and more. A must have for your install bay or garage.
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View up to four camera feeds simultaneously with this 7 inch color LCD monitor.

Our iBeam 7 inch color monitor provides the most complete view of every angle surrounding your vehicle. Choose from multiple display layouts to find the personalized display option that is best for you. Offering connection for four of our 4-Pin DIN heavy duty cameras this monitor is truly cutting edge safety equipment. Includes convenient remote control for toggling between camera displays. An ideal solution for RVs and commercial vans trucks or larger vehicles that have more blind spots.

  • 7 inch color LCD screen
  • Display 1 to 4 cameras simultaneously
  • Multiple display layouts, please refer to the Applications tab
  • 4-Pin DIN camera input connectors
  • Includes remote control
  • Built-in speaker for audio from camera

Selectable view modes available:

  • Front only
  • Rear only
  • Left only
  • Right only
  • Front and Rear split screen
  • Left and right split screen
  • Quad view (left, stacked front and rear, right)
  • Tricam (Wide front on top, split at bottom rear and left)
  • Tricam (Wide front on top, split at bottom rear and right)
  • Tricam (Wide front on top, split at bottom left and right)
  • Tricam (Wide rear on top, split at bottom left and right)
  • Quad view (equal split, stacked. Top front and rear, and bottom left and right)